What do I really care about? I've asked this question to myself throughout my life and I keep coming back to the same point which is, to risk not doing in life what you really want to do and can do. 

One of the key skills that enables one to transition from dream to reality by seizing the right opportunities to do what one really wants is entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not only about starting companies, but about starting anything, writes Tina Seelig, professor of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) and author of some great books on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

In my work in the area of entrepreneurship, what gives me meaning is to help entrepreneurs get from Ideation stage to Startup stage.

This phase in a startup life helps increase the success rates of entrepreneurs.

Vinod Khosla, the legendary venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and also the Founder of Sun Microsystems, calls this phase, 'getting to Base Camp".

If you are scaling Mount Everest, you first need to be fit enough to get to Base Camp.

Base Camp, according to Khosla, is a point where the business has gained sufficient traction or visibility to be a stable business. In Base Camp, the venture has to possess all the necessary ingredients to become a successful company i.e. to be able to ascend Mount Everest or achieve escape velocity i.e rapid growth.

My work therefore involves activities and initiatives that helps young people launch meaningful and sustainable ventures - from ideation to startup phase.

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